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Thermal imaging cameras detect electrical failure before the problem turns critical. Scan electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear with a thermal imager and uncover any unseen issues. Avoid unexpected repair costs and keep your home as it is—perfect.

It is my passion and obligation to meet your requirements, to leave you feeling satisfied. I will work with you to best meet your budget, to make your project and property look beautiful.

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(Call out fee may apply) in our plumbing department.

$65 Per hour - $95 Per hour for after hour service. (5:00 PM)

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Another Happy Customer!

Bobbie. M.
March 25, 2021
"Hi Kyle. Thanks to your repair of the kitchen sink the dishwasher ran beautifully last night. We hadn't realized how noisy it had become when filling and emptying, and now realize that it was because of the blocked pipe. It not only ran silently, it emptied completely. One more opportunity for me to thank you SO much.


cj Tee
5 Stars - Jan 2021
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I have made my livelihood by working with contractors for the last 30 plus years in renovations of rental units. Kyle is in the top 2 contractors I have had the pleasure as opposed to pain of working with.
His intricate know how is exceedingly well rounded, from plumbing to finishing work.
He communicates well, works efficiently with a refined eye for detail and is very fairly priced.
I am very grateful that Kyle was recommended to me.

Ginette Coulombe
5 Star - Jan 2021
My hot water tank gave up and I contacted Kyle from Select Construction. Right away I had a reply and the pricing was right. Very professional and knowledgeable, he came to install my hot water tank on Sunday morning. The work was above expectation. I will use Select Construction again for my future renovation. Very reliable.

Lansdowne Staff
5 Star - Dec 2020
Positive: Professionalism
I hired a plumbing Company, I won’t say who but I could tell the worker was not willing to go that extra mile within the 1st hour. Glad I listened to my senses because Select Construction did not disappoint! It was a difficult repair but he did not give up till the job was done! If your lucky enough to hire Kyle, because good guys are always busy, you won’t be disappointed

Anne Benard
5 Star - Dec 2020
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I had a sewer backup in my basement bathroom this weekend and am I ever glad that this was the company that responded to my emergency call. They had the equipment, the know-how and the patience to find and deal with the issue. This saved me having my yard dug up which would have incurred significant costs. Thanks Kyle for your diligence

Al Hargreaves
5 Star - Dec 2020
Great response
When I called with a plugged building drain - Kyle sorted out the level of issue with me on phone with good questions and discussion - he gave me room to sort what I needed to do in prep for him to help me productively - was on site bang on the agreed time and saw the job thru even with an annoying setback due to building age - solution to setback improved the system for any subsequent maintenance that may be required - walked me thru his resolution of my specific problem plus a status overview of related system along with an outline for next steps to prevent re-occurrence of the specific issue and minimize chances of other issues. 3.5 hours on-site start to finish at a ridiculously reasonable price for everything accomplished. In future, he will be the first person I call for this kind of issue. Based on this experience, can't give a strong enough recommendation.